Circulating Gender in the Global Enlightenment: Ideas, Networks, Agencies (CIRGEN)

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Here you will find information about CIRGEN’s own activities and also about activities in which CIRGEN participates. Scroll down and navigate the different pages that include our earlier activities starting in 2019.

Some of our activities have been video or audio recorded. You will find them here.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some activities have been cancelled or postponed. We have updated this information when known.

March 19

Seminar “Epistemologies of the Match”. Online. Read more.

“It’s a match!”. A seminar organized by Elena Serrano & Hansun Hsiung

March 11

Talk at Museu Belles Arts València. Generalitat Valenciana. Valencia (Spain). Read more.

“Leer el mundo. Mujeres y cosmopolitismos en el siglo XVIII”, by Mónica Bolufer

March 9

Talk by Mónica Bolufer at UNISOCIETAT. L’Eliana (Spain). Read more.

“Pensar, leer, amar por carta. Voces de mujeres en una correspondencia transatlántica”

March 1

Talk by Laura Guinot at UNISOCIETAT. Quart de Poblet (Spain). Read more.

“Libros y lecturas para las mujeres en el siglo XVIII”

January 29

Seminar “Touching Visions: Gender and The Potency of Visual Artefacts”. Read more.

January 6

BSECS 50th Annual Conference “Anniversaries, Jubilees, Commemorations”. Online. Read more.

Laura Guinot will present her research at the panel “Governance and Governments”.

December 18

Lecture at the European University Institute. Intellectual History Working Group. Online.

Mónica Bolufer will give an online lecture titled “Mirrors of history. Discussing gallantry in eighteenth-century Spain and Italy” at the Department of History and Civilization of the EUI.

December 17

Talk by Laura Guinot at UNISOCIETAT. Paterna (Spain). Read more.

December 10

Seminar “Women, Gender, and Chemistry: Identities, Opportunities, Barriers”. Online. Read more.

Elena Serrano will present “Circulating materials, circulating gender. Women and the Spanish Economic Societies at late 18th century”.

December 9

VII Seminar “Espacio y tiempo”. Valencia (Spain). Read more.

“Mujeres, lectura y gestión cultural en el siglo XVIII: la biblioteca de la duquesa de Almodóvar” by Laura Guinot.

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