Circulating Gender in the Global Enlightenment: Ideas, Networks, Agencies (CIRGEN)

The Writing for Women in the 18th Century database aims to fill a gap in research on the construction of models of gender in the Age of Enlightenment. On the one hand, it includes original works and translations of debate on women’s nature and roles (querelle des femmes) in order to trace their circulation in Europe and America and their adaptations into other languages. This will allow us to offer a transnational overview that it is inexistent nowadays. On the other hand, Writing for Women in the 18th Century systematically documents works that were recommended or addressed to women as an ideal audience -either exclusively or as part of or metonymy for a wider public- and signs that point to circulation and reading of these texts.

The database registers publications and manuscripts produced in the Hispanic and Iberian world, reconstructing from them the genealogy of translations. It pays particular attention to the role of women as translators, taking also into account other mediators: male translators, editors, censors, educators, printers and booksellers.

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