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Here you will find information about CIRGEN’s own activities and also about activities in which CIRGEN participates. Scroll down and navigate the different pages that include our earlier activities starting in 2019.

Some of our activities have been video or audio recorded. You will find them here.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some activities have been cancelled or postponed. We have updated this information when known.

February 22

Seminar: “Repensar o género na historiografia: novas perspectivas”. University of Évora-CIDEHUS. Lisbon (Portugal). Read more.

With Mónica Bolufer

February 20

CIRGEN Seminar “Cuerpos, emociones y subjetividades”. Read more.

Organized by Ester García Moscardó and Nuria Soriano Muñoz (Universitat de València)

February 9

Conference series: “Europa, el Mundo Mediterráneo y su Difusión Atlántica” (2024). Escuela de Estudios Hispano-Americanos. Seville (Spain). Read more.

With Mónica Bolufer

February 3

International colloquium: “L’humanité genrée: les femmes entre philosophie et religion dans la première modernité”, Université de Lyon. Lyon (France). Read more.

With Mónica Bolufer

January 25

CIRGEN Seminar “How to Lose (and Find) a Botanist in the Eighteenth-Century French Empire”. Read more.

Organized by Francesca Antonelli and Ester García Moscardó (Universitat de València)

December 19

International Seminar “Sensibilidades, pasiones y emociones en la historia y la literatura (siglos XVII-XIX)”. Universitat de València. Valencia (Spain). Read more.

With Ester García Moscardó and Marc Sorribas Vilarrocha

December 12

Round table, Fem ciència? Societat Catalana d’Història de la Ciència i de la Tècnica (SCHCT). Institut d’Estudis Catalans. Online. Read more.

With Mónica Bolufer

December 4

VIII Jornada Internacional sobre Traducción. University of Málaga. Málaga (Spain). Read more.

With María Oltra

November 28

Seminar, Master’s Program in Gender and Equality Policies, Institut Universitari d’Estudis de les Dones. University of Valencia. Valencia (Spain). Read more.

With Ester García Moscardó

November 28

CIRGEN Seminar “Historia global: retos y oportunidades para repensar la historia de España”. Read more.

Organized by Isabel Burdiel (Universitat de València)

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