Circulating Gender in the Global Enlightenment: Ideas, Networks, Agencies (CIRGEN)

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Here you will find information about CIRGEN’s own activities and also about activities in which CIRGEN participates. Scroll down and navigate the different pages that include our earlier activities starting in 2019.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some activities have been cancelled or postponed. We have updated this information when known.

August 31

9th ESHS Conference “Visual, Material and Sensory Cultures of Science”. Bologna (Italy). Read more. Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Panel “Touching Visions: Gender and the Potency of Visual Artefacts” by Elena Serrano and …

May 12

Colloquium organized by Societat Catalana d’Història de la Ciència i de la Tècnica. Vic (Spain). Read more.

“Recipes for unwelcome love: Lust, Imagination and Nerves in the eighteenth-century” by Elena Serrano. Cancelled due to COVID Pandemic.

April 24

Course organized by Technische Universität Berlin. Berlin (Germany). Read more.

“How does gender shape science? The intermingling of gender and science in historical contexts” by Elena Serrano.

April 6

Seminar series “La sexualidad en la historia”. Instituto Interuniversitario “López Piñero” (UV). Valencia (Spain). Read more. STREAMED ONLINE

Ester García will give a talk in the seminar series “La sexualidad en la historia”

March 5

Conference “Recovering women’s identities between centre and periphery”. London (UK). Read more.

Isabel Burdiel and María Tausiet present two communications (Parallel Session 1A)

March 3

Women and Enlightenment. An international debate. From March 3 to April 8. Raconet Biblioteca d’Humanitats Joan Reglà (UV). Valencia (Spain). Read more.

February 19

Seminar “Reflexionando con la portada del New Yorker. Tres tesis de Trabajo”, organized by Instituto Interuniversitario López Piñero (UV). Valencia (Spain). Read more.

By Elena Serrano

January 17

CIRGEN Seminar “Historia global e historia transnacional. Nuevas perspectivas”. Valencia (Spain). Read more.

with Bartolomé Yun (Universidad Pablo Olavide)

December 12

International Colloquium “Bible and women. La querelle des femmes”. Ciudad Real (Spain). Read more.

Monica Bolufer presents “Una controversita tan antigua como el mundo: Josefa Amar y Borbón (1749-1833), La Biblia y la querella de las mujeres”.

November 25

CIRGEN Seminar “Posibilidades de la traducción: Corán, género, nación”. Madrid (Spain). Read more.

Organized together with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

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